Monday, January 9, 2012

Beyonce hot bikini photos

Beyonce hot bikini photos to show admiration and beauty. Beyonce is a goddess. Beyonce is a diva. no one denies. Beyonce hot bikini photos not just the beauty of the body, but also the beauty of fashion. Since beauty is everything. Because fashion is culture. Beyonce is something in between.

beyonce hot bikini photos
bikini beyonce hot photos
hot bikini beyonce photos
Beyonce hot bikini photos. Born in 1981 to a loving family in Houston, Texas, Beyonce (rhymes with fiance) Giselle Knowles showed an aptitude for music before she could even talk.
hot beyonce bikini photos
hot bikini photos beyonce
photos beyonce hot bikini 
“I don't use backing tapes when I am singing and dancing on stage. I can do cartwheels and sing.”

Beyonce hot bikini photos continue soon ..

Beyonce real hot singer

No one denies that Beyonce real hot singer. She is a great diva. Born on 4 September 1981, she has become a worldwide phenomenon. "Destiny Child" singer has become the icon, trends and role models. Beauty and the sonority sounds combine in a global figure.

beyonce real hot singer

Beyonce real hot singer made her debut in the 2001 musical film Carmen: A Hip Hopera, prior to appearing in major films, including Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002), Dreamgirls (2006), which earned her two Golden Globe nominations, and Cadillac Records (2008). In 2004, Knowles and her mother introduced their family's fashion line, House of Deréon. In June 2010, she was ranked first on Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential musicians in the world, and second on its list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential celebrities in the world.
beyonce hot singer real

beyonce real hot singer

Beyonce real hot singer, it's just another benchmark in the life of this incredible performer, pop star and woman.

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This year, 2012, will mark the 15th anniversary of Beyonce real hot singer as a pre-eminent member of the musical fraternity. In a fickle entertainment world, where pop icons come and go within three-year cycles, it's a moment worth celebrating. "I can't believe that I've achieved all that I've achieved. I never, ever would imagine all the things that I've done." Beyonce real hot singer

Beyonce hot baby

Blue Ivy Carter, this is the name of Beyonce hot baby. Finally, Beyonce has given birth to a baby on Saturday (07.09.11) at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. Female infant who was named Ivy Blue Carter.
Related to the name, one of his fans the chance to ask what it means. And here's the answer, as quoted by Good Morning America.

According to GMA, Beyonce and Jay-Z chose the name Ivy because it is a representation of number 4 in roman, the "IV". Beyonce was born on September 4, while Jay-Z was born on December 4.

Both were later married on 4 April 2008 and Beyonce's last album was officially given the title of "4". So the name 4 as bringing good luck to them and they expect it to their babies.

On Saturday Beyonce and Jay-Z seen visiting the Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City and rent a whole room on the 4th floor. To that end, the couple reportedly spend 1.300.000 USD.

Even to maintain the privacy of Beyonce hot baby, all windows and surveillance cameras on the 4th floor was closed and turned off. While the employees are required to surrender their cell phones before the start of shift duty.

Maybe because his name is unique, some people on Twitter got confused with the name of  Beyonce hot baby, between the Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue.

But some artists who are Beyonce close friends , like Gwyneth Paltrow tried to straighten it through their twitter account. Few artists also like to congratulate via twitter, like Russell Simmons and Rihanna.

Russell Simmons, "congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z".

Rihanna, "Welcome to the world the charter princess! Love Aunty Rih ".

Beyonce hot baby named : Blue Ivy Carter

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Success on First Time Sex

first time sex
New married couple does not have a qualified experience about sex. So, you both do not expect immediate reach orgasm during intercourse at the first time.

Sex experts from the United States, Ian Kerner provides a guide to the new married couple passed first night in more satisfactory, as reported by Cosmopolitan.

Do not have too high expectations

Sex generally feels favors and more comfortable when you already know every part of the body. So, you don't have to get depressed during sex with your husband at the first time.


You may feel tense or in pain when you first sex intercourse. Before starting sex intercourse, should set your breath so well that will give you more relaxed.

Do not forget to enjoy sex warming or foreplay
Intimate relationships are not just about penetration, but how you and your partner can enjoy the action of kissing each other, touching and other sexual activity.

Do not expect immediately to get an orgasm

Of course it's great if you could make your partner orgasm. But in fact, not all women can achieve sexual climax the first time. Orgasm can be achieved with a feeling of comfort as well as specific knowledge of each partner's body, and it takes time

Make sure you are sufficiently aroused before having sex

Prior to penetrate, you must make sure that the couple already wet vagina. If her vagina too dry, it can cause friction that causes the condom tearing or pain ( sometime with bleeding)


Let your partner know what makes her comfortable or not during intercourse. Feedback from partners is needed, so do not be ashamed to ask for things that are intimate.

Do not assume he's an expert

He may get a lot of information about sex from reading books or friends. But when you both make your own experiment, the relationship created is different from the experience of others. Do not despair for always trying a new sex action and style every time to have sex  with a partner

Do not pretend

If you do that, you will only be cheating yourself. Let your partner know that you're enjoying every process towards the peak of sexual relations, so that he will be motivated.