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Symptoms and causes of hot flushes

The causes of hot flushes are probably decreasing levels of estrogen or other naturally occurring hormonal changes that only happen on woman. The symptom’s of hot flushes and other symptoms of menopause more severe in women whose ovaries were surgically removed, supporting the belief that the loss of the hormones produced in the ovaries causes of hot flushes. There are certain triggers that can increase the severity and frequency, although not the underlying causes of hot flushes.

Hot flushes are as a vaso-motor? Symptom, because dilation of blood vessels and changes involved in the circulation. For many years, estrogen replacement therapy was the most frequently recommended treatment for hot flushes, but also because of the health risks associated with this form of treatment, it is not used nearly as often.

The symptoms of hot flushes as a rule, excess heat in the chest, neck and face. The hands and feet may feel cool at the same time, when the heat has subsided a woman often feels chilled all over. Increased sweating under the arms, chest, neck and forehead occur.

When a heat wave comes in the night, usually referred to as night sweats, this may be an interruption in a woman sleeping, leading to insomnia, reduce energy levels and general well-being. A recent study shows that the majority of peri-menopausal (a term on the time around? Menopause) women feel is not that the symptoms of hot flushes on quality of life as much as emotional changes and mood swings, but mood swings cause sometimes hot flushes . If a person is angry or frustrated, raises the body temperature and increased body temperature is one of the symptoms of hot flushes.

Sometimes referred to as hot flushes, these sudden changes in body temperature does not threaten a woman's health. No medical treatment is required, unless they occur frequently, are severe or interfere with a woman's life. The causes of  hot flushes are natural changes in a woman's body, as they occur in old age, so they have nothing to fear, but it is easier.

Most women can get relief from the symptoms of hot flushes using an herbal supplement called black cohosh. This herb has been used historically by Native American healers to correct symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance, to regulate menstrual cycle, as a diuretic and a mild sedative. Research has shown that women get as much relief from hot flushes when using black cohosh, as they do from estrogen replacement. It is highly recommended for women who can not risk estrogen replacement therapy is recommended because of previous cancer or other concerns. For the Women's Health Initiative found that the health benefits of hormone replacement therapy do not outweigh the risks that suggest most doctors are no longer the treatment, whether because numerous symptoms are present and operate strong impact a woman's ability, their relationships or their quality of life. Black cohosh is recommended on the other hand, more and more.

Jennifer Lopez spoke about slip nipple

Singer Jennifer Lopez stole attention when it became the reader's of Oscar nomination with Cameron Diaz on Sunday (2/26/2012) ago. J-Lo even go to vote on party thrash him. Jennifer Lopez spoke about slip nipple

Jennifer Lopez was wearing a dress from Zuhair Murad. Couture gown baige colored with low slit chest.

On Twitter, user crowded thrash about “nipple slip” incident. Glance it is not visible, but when looked carefully, the left breast slightly open so that peeked from beneath her dress.

In response (Jennifer Lopez spoke about slip nipple), J Lo was twittering via Twitter. "All the # Oscars talk is funny, but I've got plenty of other Things to talk about," she wrote like Aceshowbiz launched on Wednesday (29/02/2012).

Jennifer Lopez spoke about slip nipple

But J-Lo stylist, Mariel Haenn give a defense statement. "It was a perfect fit every inch"

Just like Angelina Jolie is also a target of ridicule because of the incident showing off parts of the foot, there is now a Twitter account @ JlosNipple to satirize J-Lo.


Jennifer Lopez hot kiss

Jennifer Lopez hot kiss - It seems that Jennifer Lopez is no longer ashamed to show her hot relationship with Casper Smart. This showed with their frequent public appearances. Mark Anthony's ex-wife seems to have had a new love that is burning. Look at Jennifer Lopez hot kiss in casper smart caught camera recently.






 in the parking Jennifer Lopez hot kiss happening . J Lo seems to be very excited and happy in the arm of Casper Smart. Jennifer Lopez hot kiss with love and passion.

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Jennifer Lopez hot nipple slip at oscar

Jennifer Lopez hot niple slip at oscar - TMZ, the gossip site world's most popular posts el'Huffington sneak one of those doubts that I could not sleep at night. Jennifer Lopez has shown a nipple invvartitamente from the stage of the Oscars? From the photos below does not seem to come out and just anything TMZ launches the hypothesis "shadow". How to talk about anything and get us over a tasty (for newspapers) controversy. Meanwhile, J-Lo's nipple began to chirp on Twitter





Hot Chelsea Women Eva Carneiro

Hot Chelsea Women Eva Carneiro
There is also a busy woman on the bench for Chelsea in the Champions League against Napoli. Eva Carneiro is one of the doctors of the English team, which has worked since 2009. Previously he was the physician of the England women's football. During the game the St. Paul has worked in the field after the collision between Drogba and Campagnaro




Kate Upton sexy photos on Twitter

After doing crazy internet with her ballet sexy, super top models of Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated Kate Upton has decided to post on his Twitter profile picture some of  her very provocative. Here they are, in the gallery of Kate Upton sexy photos on Twitter














Kate upton uses the web to become a star model.  katie upton has once again reached a high level of internet fame this time it s for doing teach me how to dougie , the debut single by hip hop group. Kate upton twitter kate upton recently published a video awesome on twitter in support of national cleavage day, 1-minute video short he is wearing a bra and bouncing up and. Kate upton on twitter (video) and wearing see-through clothing in kate upton is fairly attractive kate upton was one of the rookies in this year s sports illustrated swimsuit issue , but more importantly she also has a twitter. Glyclitape: kate upton twitter pics kate upton is the sexy and busty 18 year-old victoria secret s model who has low self-esteem, which is why she posted these photos of herself on twitter.

Kate Upton hot body of year

Kate Upton hot body of the year- She was elected "Body of the Year" by GQ America, is second among "the most desired women on the planet" in the special list of Ask Men (the first Colombian actress Sofia Vergara) and, finally, the new cover girl of Sports Illustrated. Kate Upton this year is really allowed independently.



Beautiful is beautiful, hot is hot like all her fellow Victoria's Secrets. But Kate Upton hot body of the year has one more weapon : the Internet. Its popularity, in fact, has rocketed sky high thanks to a video - you see above - in a match where the Los Angeles Clippers on Dougie dancing in the stands. The gem is quickly becoming viral, and the popularity of Kate World. And, you understand the lesson and anxious to remain in vogue, has put his and has become one of the most active "twitstar" the web. On social networks, in addition to telling his life of splendid early twenties, also publishes unedited images taken in the workplace. It usually does not wear a suit. She is worth of Kate upton hot body of the year

Eva Carneiro Chelsea Fc hot Doctor

Here photos of Eva Carneiro Chelsea Fc hot Doctor who has entranced the St. Paul. The eyes of the soccer fans present on the Naples San Paolo stadium for the match Napoli Fc against Chelsea Fc on Europe Champion League were addressed, as well as various Lavezzi, Hamsik and Cavani, even the mysterious Dr. Londoners. A beautiful young girl was in fact on the sidelines of the field ready to care, as usual, the number of injured players. A girl who has done recently around the web and that turned out to be that Eva Carneiro, clearly South American origins. In his past, even a short sharp shot, nothing sensational, but that is a credit to the beautiful Eva Carneiro Chelsea Fc hot Doctor.




Now, Chelsea Fc player with get serious injured on their hearth.  Eva Carneiro Chelsea Fc hot Doctor

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Absolute Hotness Jordan Carver

Absolute Hotness Jordan Carver profile: jordan carver with nickname jc, fantastic jc was born january 30, 1986 (star sign: aquarius) at her hometown in munich, germany jordan. Jordan carver - how to become a model - modeling portfolios i ve been pretty busy taking care of the powerhouse physiques brand one of the elements i felt was very important to the brand was being able to display. 



Absolute hotness Jordan Carver  for everyone.


Absolute hotness Jordan Carver black lingerie the man cave daily: movies, comics jordan carver bio photos video we don t know where jordan carver is from, but we do know she has more than satisfactory real boobs. Jordan carver at nfl one - home of the nfl handicapper  is a model and glamour girl from la she s carved her way into our consciousness and looks like she s gonna be staying for a while. Absolute hotness Jordan Carver  - plunder girls - hot chicks, models.

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7 facts about women's breasts

women%27s+breastsMany people do not know some facts about women's breasts. Even women themselves often do not know these facts. The fact of women's breasts are very attractive :

1. Left of women’s breasts more bigger than the right
Woman's breast size is never symmetrical, and the left breast is usually bigger than the right one. The nipples also have different sizes too. So, as long as there is no complaining of pain, itching or strange protrusions, do not to worry if you have unsymmetrical breasts.

2. Every women’s breast has thin hair on nipples
It is very normal if there is a thin hairs growing around your nipple. More darker of the color skin and hair, the breast hair will be more apparent also in the nipple area. Breasts can also be covered with black blackheads and acne.

3. The average women’s breast weight is 0.5 kg
Generally, a women's breasts weighs about 0.5 kilograms. Each of the breast  equivalent to approximately about 4-5 percent of body fat, and 1 percent of the total body weight on general women. A woman's breasts can be enlarged according to woman age. And remember, women smokers will have more sagging breasts than non-smokers.

4. Over 2 million women in the world wearing breasts implants
Ranging from Pamela Anderson to Katie Price, there are more than 2 million women using implants breast. But not allof women who use breast implants satisfied the outcome result. The average age of women who want to install a breast implant is 34 years old.

5. Women’s breast can distention when stimulated
Breasts can be enlarged and firmer when a woman gets aroused or stimulated in their breast areas. The same thing happened on women’s breast nipple.

6. Breasts should be maintained so as not to shake Often
Activities such as jogging, running and aerobics can cause turbulence in the breast, and usually causes pain. When do sport, always use a sports bra to minimize the shocks so you can move more freely. Remember, the primary function of a bra is to maintain women’s breasts health, so choose a bra that fit and good quality

7. Shape of women’s breast can be change
It may sound strange, but it could experience changes in breast shape. In addition to the age, sometimes the lack of proper sleeping position could affect the beauty of the breasts. Always note the bed position for firmness and shape of perfect breasts. Avoid sleeping on stomach, the best sleeping position for women’s breasts is sideways to the left / right, with a pillow under the body and to support breasts.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

5 Women Ways to Get Multiple Orgasms

Women multiple orgasm can have during sex. While the men often after getting orgasms, could no longer continue the intimate activities quickly. At least they take a few minutes to be able to re-heat.

Surely it would be disappointing when she has not had an multiple orgasm, when he was already exhausted. Actually there are several ways you can do easyly to get women multiple orgasms, as presented by sex expert Ian Kerner, who wrote the book "She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman ':

1. Ladies First
To make a women multiple orgasm, according to Ian, he needs to go back to the old ways. In sex, a men try to beat and give his partner orgasm first, before himself reach ejaculation.

Why women should to reach first orgasm? Ian explained, the fact, mens the type that could easily reach orgasm. Research conducted by Dr.. Alfred C. Kinsey also prove it. 75% of men can ejaculate in just two minutes. While women take at least 21 minutes or longer to orgasm.

2. Thinking 'Outside the Box'
During this time, men wants an easy and fast way when having sex with his partner. That is why they only touch on the area that it is only in her partner's body. According to Ian, he usually only touches the outside of Miss area. V alone when giving her foreplay. Whereas g-spot is located exactly at the Miss 2-5 cm from the hole. V. When that point is touched, she will feel the sensation of its own.

Men need to realize, the clitoris is very sensitive area with a touch. So try to stimulate the area gently and slowly. But at the beginning of foreplay, do not rush to the area. Start by touching the breast area of at least about 10 minutes. Women multiple orgasm must start with patient

3. Recognize the clitoris
To reach women multiple orgasm, men also need to understand more about the woman's sensitive areas. Do not just think of the clitoris as an area that needs to be touched for a moment. But suppose a woman's body part such as an area for producing women multiple orgasms.

The number of nerve endings in the clitoris caused it to be very sensitive to touch or pressure, directly or indirectly. At least there are more than 8,000 nerve there. One nerve is touched, it will spread to others.

4. Let the Finger & Tongue Work And Never Stop Talking
Ian's advice is based on the exposed vent his female patients. From the experience of Ian female patients, the best orgasm they get when it gets a manual stimulation of partner, the man looked into his eyes and talking naughty.

5. The last suggestion is, stimulation on sensitive area with the tongue. Oral sex is the most powerful way to make a women multiple orgasm

Beyonce way to get a hot waist

A month after giving birth to her first daughter, Blue Ivy, Beyonce appearance lead of admiration. Sexy body with hot waist that became his trademark has been returned, but still look fuller than before pregnancy. How Beyonce way to get a hot waist so fast?

Beyonce’s body weight  is increased 18 pounds during pregnancy. However, in just a few weeks, Beyonce able to scrape her fat left behind. Then beyonce’s hot waist comeback.

According to her personal trainer, Marco Borges, after  Blue Ivy birth, Beyonce work so hard to get her sexy body and her hot waist. She always wake up at 5:00 in the morning to do a cardio session. Then, the wife of Jay Z is continuing with treadmill exercise with high-intensity workout includes lunges and squats.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, there is a practice that could form hot waist of singer 'The Best You Never Had' lean back quickly. Corkscrew motion can tighten loose abdominal muscles while restoring the form of postpartum waist.

waist-hotHere's how:
- Lying down, with your feet up. Bend your knees slightly. Put your hands at your sides with palms down.

- Then, use the lower abdominal muscles to lift your hips off the floor. Raising hips, swivel hips to the right.

- Hold for three seconds, then return to starting position.

- Repeat the movement by turning to the left. Perform the same movement as much as ten times for each side.

That’s all how beyonce way to get a hot waist