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The Truth of Hot Eva Carneiro

Eva Carneiro is part of the medical staff of Chelsea. It 's very pretty. And for this reason she transforms into sexy doctor of The Blues and mistakes her for a model Eliska Kovarova.  That is why we speaking of Eva Carneiro. Do not know who she is? It is part of the medical staff at Chelsea and in Italy we found her to St. Paul. And 'rush to the field to help Juan Mata. The cameras and YouTube then did the rest. And we all see that Eva Carneiro is very  pretty.

Others could not expect, as Laura Maggi, elected sexy bartender Facebook, depopulated by a couple of days on the web. So if you think it is. But I would appreciate that you do not commit blunders. Because almost all the articles I found on the internet show a picture of a sexy model, that (drum roll ...) is not Eva Carneiro. That model is called Eliska Kovarova (thanks to Paul Cola that has been recognized). Beautiful. Beautiful (on top of the post comparing the two girls). Perhaps even more Eva Carneiro.

But as we have done in all the articles about the doctor in Chelsea? Simple. Looking for "eva Carneiro" Google check this great picture. Think about it: in the past used to say "He says the TV, so it's true." Now Google is the king. If the Big G says is the truth. Shame it's not absolutely true. Because Google is just a tool. That we must learn to use. Greetings.

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