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Sexual Problems in Diabetics

diabetes, diabetic, sexsual problem
People with diabetes often have sexual problems. Estimated about 40% of men and 30% of women with chronic diabetes have sexual complaints. Older people who have had diabetes for many years particularly susceptible to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction / impotence (in male patients) and reduction in vaginal lubrication (in women).


Decreased libido seems to be associated with weakness and fatigue due to hyperglycemia. Nerve disease and blood vessel damage associated with diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. When the nerves or blood vessels are damaged, blood flow to the penis is reduced and the erection can not happen. Difficulty maintaining an erection occurs gradually as the damage occurs, sometimes accompanied by retrograde ejaculation (inside sperm spraying). Damage to nerves and blood vessels in the cells in the vaginal wall causing decreased lubrication, causing pain during sex. The pain is in turn reduces  woman's arousal in response to sexual stimulation, which makes lubrication less and less, like a vicious circle.

When you have sexual problems associated with diabetes, talk with your doctor. You do not have to accept it with resignation issue. Impotence treatments can be given physicians include better monitoring of blood glucose (this is also the management of diabetes are recommended for each person), an oral drug, mechanical aids, and others. In female patients, doctors may recommend to use of vaginal lubricants to overcome problem of decreasing lubrication.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a form of sexual dysfunction of men are very common. A man who have erectile dysfunction difficulty maintaining his penile erection on every stage of sexual relations. Erectile dysfunction can be either a penis that is not loud enough or an erection that can not be maintained long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse.. This can negatively impact for the harmonious relationship of the household. A man can occasionally have temporary ED problem but if he consistently experienced up to six months or more, then said to have ED.

Who is at risk of erectile dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction can occur in adult males at all ages, but this problem generally develops in middle-aged or older. It is estimated that only two percent of men in their 30s who experience it, while half of men aged 60 -70 years of experience.

Causes of erectile dysfunction
Causes of erectile dysfunction can be physical (organic), psychological (psychogenic) or both. Physical factors cause about 60-80% of ED cases. Possible physical causes:

• Inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis)
• Severe disease (anemia, tuberculosis, pneumonia, etc.)
• Heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes
• Operations (eg, prostate cancer surgery)
• Effects of accidents ( trauma )
• Hormonal Disorders
• Multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases
• Long-term consumption of certain drugs.

Psychological factors can cause mild physical disability to be ED. Many men feel like a failure as a man when they are weakened sexual power. Initial failure to maintain an erection cause anxiety and stress which in turn worsened the ED. It becomes a vicious circle. Some of the psychological problems that can cause erectile dysfunction include:

• Lack of confidence
• Lack of sexual desire
• Anxiety, depression, stress
• Conflict of households

Patients with psychogenic ED may be normal erections during the night or in the morning, while at other times it is difficult to maintain an erection.

Handling / therapy of erectile dysfunction
The good news is in most cases, ED can be cured. The sooner ED handled, more higher the chances to recover. Unfortunately, many men are reluctant to consult a sexologist or urologist because they feel ashamed.
Treatment begins with identifying the cause of ED. In cases where the cause is physical, treatment begins with fixing the underlying disease. In some chronic diseases, which can do is improve the condition, not fully recover. Modern methods of treatment of ED has allowed the improvement of erectile although the underlying disease is still there. Here are some of the modern ED therapy:
• Taking the tablets contain active chemically improve erectile function, including Cialis, Levitra, Staxyn, and Viagra. All work by increasing blood flow to the penis so that when a man is sexually stimulated, he can get an erection. The difference between them just how long and how quickly it works. Levitra works a little slower than with Viagra. Both are beginning to impact about 30 minutes. Effects Levitra lasts for about 5 hours while Viagra is around 4 hours. Cialis works a bit faster (about 15 minutes), and the effect lasts longer, can be up to 36 hours. Staxyn contain the same active ingredient as Viagra but not interchangeable with Levitra tablet.

• Using negative-pressure vacuum pump. The device consists of a reservoir, which is formed by the negative pressure, which encourages blood flow to the penis to cause an erection. This method does not cause any pain or side effects but requires several sessions.
• Using special drug injections directly into the corpus cavernosum of the penis or as a suppository into the urethra. This method allows you to achieve an erection long time, but not suitable for all patients. Choice of drugs and injections only at the direction of a physician.
• If all other therapies fail, surgical procedures can be selected to correct erectile difficulties.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction caused by psychological factors, patients require counseling with therapist sexual psychology.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Behind Low Sexual Arousal

"Research found that one of two U.S. women fake orgasm during intercourse"
  A study reveals that it's hard to believe, that one of two women fake orgasm when having sex with a partner. U.S. researchers found that 53.9 percent of 400 women fake climax in sexual intercourse in order to always look attractive and prevent cheating spouse. 

What causes many women to feel dissatisfied with their sex life? Lack of libido is a common problem that reduces sex passion. Some 30 percent of women claim to feel absolutely no sex passion. 

Experts said, lack of libido due to various factors, including deteriorating relationship with spouse, or a medical condition and hormonal changes such as menopause.

"Sex passion is a complex issue, a mixture of brain, heart and hormones," said John Studd, professor gynecologist told the Daily Mail.

Kevin Gangar, a gynecologist at the Princess Margaret Hospital Windsor said, draining emotions also cause a decline in sexual arousal. "If you are tired or fight all the time with a partner will have an impact on your sexual desire."

In addition, he said, there are several reasons for avoiding one's physical sex in men as erectile dysfunction or endometriosis and vaginal dryness in women. According to Gangar, sexual desire in themselves can be measured. If a erotic book or movie give no effect on you, chances of there are things wrong in your sexual passion.

However, low libido in women is a controversial issue. Some experts believe this condition requires medical treatment instead of using a product to fix libido problems.

For first-line treatment specialists suggest the use of testosterone gel and the responsibility to increase energy. And, loss of sexual desire due to the loss of a lot of fatigue.

"The gel can be applied anywhere on the body, apart from the breast. Although some do not prescribe, some doctors give it to enhance." Professor Studd said.

To help vaginal dryness due to menopause and hormone levels decrease, effective lubricant that can help during intercourse. In addition, herbs that are known to have efficacy increases blood flow to vital areas or balance hormones worth a try. These herbal plants including maca, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Buying Souvenir when Traveling

Traveling and souvenirs often can not be separated. Souvenir is the memories when we are traveling. When we want to go traveling, sometimes friends or relatives asking us to buy a souvenir to take home. It can be a problem when our budget traveling is limited. Not to mention a problem of luggage when bring much souvenirs.

Here are tips for buying souvenirs when traveling:

Create your own budget for souvenirs, the budget for souvenirs for yourself and for someone else. Separate on different envelope. This is to avoid over budget due to too much to buy souvenirs that end up burdening yourself.

When we want to buy something for ourselves, use the money already that set earlier. Sometimes, woman traveler is often a rush to buy souvenirs that are considered cheap, especially items related to appearance (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories).

Make a Small Note
Make a small note who would you bring souvenir. Do not forget take photos the small note with your mobile phone. If your small were lost, no need to headache searching again. Having sought souvenirs bought, mark your little note.

This small note avoid you to buy double souvenirs as well as a reminder of how much budget should you spend.

Before leaving, first thing find out about typical of the area you visit. Both tourist destination, food, hotel etc. Do not forget to find out where to buy souvenir. Information is most easily can be asked to hotel staff where you stay or the local community.

Ask where to shop for complete souvenirs shop/market nearest where you stay. Even if there are cheaper places but far from the location where you stay, better you don’t go there. You will spend  a lot of money for transportation and lost a lot of time to choose a souvenir.

Partner and Friend
Partner and friend was a lot and can be confusing to when we chosing souvenir for them. Try to buy local foods that can be eaten together. This trick also you can use when you want to buy for relatives. Do not forget to check how long food expired? Is it possible can be brought into the cabin? Does the smell stinging or contain lots of water? Do not let the food disturbing another passenger..

Do not ever hesitate to bid. Although the place you buy souvenirs already determine its price, try to keep bargaining. If you buy it with friends, automatically the number of items purchased will be more quantity. Well, do not hesitate to ask for price reductions. If indeed you understand local culture, especially about the local language, act  as local residents. Is common place when the price is much more expensive for tourists than for local tourists or locals

Do not be too enthusiastic when showing face front the seller. It can make your bidding fail. Try to bid a half price first.

Local language
Take advantage of the local language. If there are friends or relatives who can speak local, can you ask to accompany shop. Low prices would be more easily obtained if offered with the same language.

Suitcases and bags will not fit because a lot of souvenirs? When shopping for souvenirs, ask the seller whether the souvenirs that you buy can be sent to your home. Or at least sent to the airport. Today many souvenir sellers have a facility to sending or transfer to the airport according your flight hours. Alternatively, you can use expedition services.

Do not forget to bring reuseable bags. Reducing used number of plastic bags, the item purchased is not scattered

Bring water and snacks. Activity buy souvenirs this may take a long time. Preparing drinking water and snacks in your bag will let no dehydration and hunger.

1. Using a credit cards. Adjust the budget is reasonable with cash. Using a credit cards will only make traveling budget to be larger

2. Shopping in busy times. If it is not enough time to shop / buy souvenirs better not to impose. Shopping in a hurry will be able to make us choose the wrong item or get a expensive price

3. Buying useless. No problem spending a lot because it is cheap and in accordance with a predetermined budget. But do not buy useless thing.

4. Buying food (for take home) with strong odors and perishable.

5. Buying goods that were easily found around us.

6. Buy souvenirs at the airport or in hotels. The exact price is much higher. Unless the price is not longer under consideration, but time.

Healthy Lose Weight

Losing weight is a must for those who are overweight. Obesity not only reduce the appearance, but also lowers the quality of life and health. But, losing weight can also be a problem if you do not know the proper way. Here's a tip healthy weight loss:

1. Start now!
Losing weight is not enough only with intention. You need determination and spirit. How can your weight down, if you never get started?

2. Take a reasonable target
Set a target at the beginning of the program. Needless heroics. Weight decreased 0.5 kg per week is ideal. When drastic is dangerous to health. For additional motivation, hang hot pants or your favorite pair of jeans that had long been hiding in the closet, in a place easily visible.

3. Not  too tight
You still need 1200-1500 calories per day to keep the body fit. Reducing calories into 600 to 800 calories per day will slow down the metabolism of the body. If your metabolism is slow, the opportunity to hoard fat in the body even bigger. Instead of svelte, even diseases that come.

4. Early breakfast
Do not miss breakfast. A study reveals, 4,000 adult Americans who managed to lose weight about 15 pounds in a year are those who never forget breakfast. If you are usually take a breakfast at 9:00 am then shifted at 7:00 in order energy burning process started more quickly.

5. Do not just breakfast
Start the day with breakfast 300-400 calories, but not with high fat foods. Choose a loaf of wheat bread baked with an omelette 1 egg, plus a bowl of salad. Or, 100 grams of rice with 1 piece of fish plus 1 cup of vegetables.

6. Chew food 36 times!
Try to count, how much you chew while eating? If less than 36 times, try to add. More longer you chew, the food will be easier to digest, you will be more easy to feel full.

7. Drink plenty of water
Lack of drinking may aggravate the kidneys that can lead to dehydration. This can disrupt the body's metabolic system. If you are diligent in drinking water 1.5 liters or 8-10 cups per day, without any diet, then within one year,your weight can go down to 2.5 kg.

8. Sports
Exercise for 60-90 minutes, 3-4 times a week, must be done. Paired aerobic form of jogging and walking, each alternating every 3 minutes, enough to burn fat effectively. If you do not have time, walk around your home or office room for 5 minutes every interval of one hour can burn 200-300 calories.

9. More fiber
Fiber also has a major role in ousting fat. The more fibers that enter the body, the faster the volume of stool will be bigger because fiber absorbs water. Adults need 21 grams of fiber per day. If you usually eat fruit and vegetables, increase the portion to 5 cups per day. Divide into 5 meals.

10. Fruit is not enough
You will easily starve if you only eat fruit or vegetables. Mixed with 15% -20% of protein in each of your menu to increase metabolism. Digestive system takes energy to make the process of metabolism.

Healthy lose weight is easy, isn’t it?

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Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent hair loss is very important because hair is your crown. No one feels happy when they hair fell out. Some hair loss is natural, because the process of aging-related genes that make the most of the hair disappear in a "programmed". Some others do not experience hair loss, due to improper hair care. Ten tips to prevent hair loss that is not natural:

    Combing and brushing hair.
Combing and brushing your hair every day not just tidying and cleaning your hair, but also improve blood supply to activate scalp cells. Use a comb with wide-spaced teeth and a fluffy brush.

        Use the right shampoo
Choose a shampoo for dry hair, normal, oily, dandruff, etc., according to your hair condition. Wash your hair at least twice a week. Always wash with shampoo after swimming in the ocean or pool to get rid of salt and chlorine that can damage hair follicles. Make sure you always rinse hair thoroughly after wash.

    Use a conditioner
Use conditioner after shampooing to reduce the effort needed to comb my hair and make it more manageable. Use conditioner is necessary especially if your hair is dry.

    Dry your wet hair and do not be too hard rub hair with a towel.
When hair is wet, its structure is more fragile and should be avoided combing or brushing too hard.

    Vary the style of hair.
If you wear a hairstyle that requires a pull on the hair should be interspersed with looser hairstyles to avoid the constant pull that causes tension follicles so that hair loss.

    Keep the adequacy of the protein.
Since hair consists of protein (ceratin), it is important for you to follow a diet sufficient protein to maintain hair production. Protein found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, cereals, soy and nuts.

    Do not be obsessed with hair problems.
Do not touch or pull hair constantly.

    Balance and stabilize your emotional state
Stress can trigger hair loss.

    Do not wear a wig
The use of wigs should be avoided because it makes your scalp can not breathe properly and strangle your follicles limp. Hijab, helmet, or hat does not damage your hair like a wig, provided careful when wearing and release it.

    Avoid sunburn to the scalp and body.
We all know why the sun can have serious consequences for overall health. Sunburn on scalp can also cause hair follicles are not able to maintain due to burns.

Sleep Apnea, Rarely Known Sleep Disorder

Many people snoring, which often makes people nearby was disturbe. But those who snore and the people around them are rarely aware of the existence of sleep apnea.

What is sleep apnea?

Apnea is the pause breath while sleeping. Apnea occurs when your breath channel closed so that no air reaching the lungs. The cycle of sleep apnea can be explained as follows:

First, You can sleep calmly (normally) and breathe normally. Air easily flow to the lung through the channel of your breath. Then, you start to snore loudly. This is a sign that a portion of your breath way blocked. A partially blocked artery mean breath air troubles got into your lungs. Next, your breathing channels closed completely. There is no air reaching the lungs. Your brain automaticly tells you to breathe normally, but you are unable to breathe because the channel of your breath blocked. This is called apnea. After a pause of 10-30 seconds or more, Your brain realize you haven't been breathing, then you will awake suddenly to take a breath. You take a breath in the air and start sleeping again.

This cycle can be continued through the night: you breathe normally - You snoring - You have the pause breath - you're waking up gasping for air - and you start breathing again. Many people who have tens or hundreds of events of sleep apnea overnight. This means tens or hundreds of sleeping disorders times. You can't sleep slumbering desperately needed to maintain good health

The Cause Of

Here are some causes of blockage of a portion or all channels of breath while sleeping :

Your throat muscles too slack so blocked the channel your breath
Tongue or fatty tissue covering the channel of your breath
You have a narrow funnel


The two main symptoms of sleep apnea include:
  • You very sleepy during the day, but you do not know why.
  • You snoring and stop breathing during a sleep.

Result of sleep apnea

This can cause sleeping sickness with health problems, accidents, and early death if not promptly treated.

A person who suffers from sleep apnea are at risk of cardiovascular disease. Respiratory disorders that often occur at night creating a shortage of oxygen that can damage the brain, heart and other organs.
Due to not getting enough sleep, the body often need extra carbohydrates. People with sleep apnea will then eat a lot so it is likely to be obese. Obesity is a risk factor for many diseases.
Sleep apnea sufferers feel sleepy, always tired, headache, difficult to concentrate and memory loss during the day because the body and brain are not getting sleep enough. This can be at risk of accidents when operates a machine or vehicle.
This disease can lead to sudden death due to heart suddenly stopped.

Risk factors

Anyone can be affected by sleep apnea. Your risk is higher if You have a combination of the following risk factors:
  1. Men.
  2. Older than 40 years.
  3. Overweight
  4. Have a big/thick neck:, a large tongue, tonsils, chin folds inward, small throat, or family with history of sleep apnea


There is no cure of sleep apnea. People who have mild sleep apnea can be helped with weight loss, dental care or operation of the tonsils (if the cause is the enlargement of the tonsils).

The most effective treatment for severe sleep apnea sufferers (those having more than 30 times the pause breath per hour) is Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP. This is a device with a nose mask connected to a generator engine airflow. From the engine generator, air is pumped through the nose or mouth to ensure that the breath channel always open all night. Sleep with a CPAP is not pleasant, but that's the only treatment that often can save lives.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

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Every woman will feel anxious when after shampooing to see the floor or combs used filled with strands of hair loss. Of course there will be anxiety to see this fact

Causes of hair loss
There are many things that can cause hair loss; ranging from stress, smoking, unbalanced nutrition, hormonal factors, various kinds of diseases to hereditary factors. Therefore, medical treatment is carried out too much, depending on the cause. Furthermore, the experts add, many natural remedies that are useful for hair health, including: eating for health, a nutritionally balanced

Eat for Health Hair All the food is good for the body as a whole is also good for hair. Among other foods high in protein, low carbohydrate and low fat. But there are also other substances which are specifically required for healthy hair, namely omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, biotin, and minerals such as iron, zinc, and copper. Shortage of one of these substances often escapes our attention, but actually play an important occurrence of hair loss.

Women menstruate every month, therefore women are very susceptible to iron deficiency anemia. Studies have iron deficiency is a frequent cause of hair loss in women. Source of iron in the daily diet of vegetables such as green, red meat and liver.

Vitamin B12 comes from eggs, and meat. Therefore supplementation of vitamin B 12 is required for those who do not eat foods mentioned above.

Food supplements are also recommended to be consumed is biotin. Biotin is often used by doctors to treat hair loss, because this substance is the main component of hair growth, skin and nails. We could get a natural biotin from liver or egg yolk, but to provide for required amounts. Therefore, in order to practically we can consume in the form of dietary supplements.

Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss 
Currently the market is common herbs are believed to be beneficial to treat hair loss. Herbs are very diverse, there are derived from plants native to your country and some from overseas. How to use also varies, some are smeared on the scalp, to wash it, and there are drunk. Examples of herbs that are considered useful are: ginseng, ginger, cider vinegar, saw palmetto plant, Horsetail, green tea, etc.. Although labeled as natural materials, we need to remain cautious in its use, especially potions to drink. The reason is, there are also herbs that have side effects for the body especially when taken by women who also use oral contraceptives. Therefore, look what the actual information content of these herbal ingredients, and if necessary, consult your doctor.

Herbs are safe to use is green tea. Several studies in Japan showed that drinking green tea can increase certain substances called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which inhibits the activity of hormonal triggers hair loss. Also green tea is also beneficial as an antioxidant and has anti-cancer effects.

Hair Loss and Hair Cosmetic Products
So far, we already know that the use of hair cosmetics such as shampoos, hair dyes, and hair dryers can cause hair damage. It is indeed true, but the damage is not the same with hair loss due to genetic problems or other medical problems.

Damage caused by hair cosmetics generally in the form of the hair shaft which becomes cracked, while the loss due to medical problems actually caused damage to the hair roots or follicles. The results showed that the use of cosmetic hair does not increase the risk of hair loss. This means that women with complaints of hair loss should not be afraid to organize even dye her hair. The important thing is balanced with the intake of nutritious food for healthy hair.

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Correlation Between Pets and Diseases

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Experts say maintaining a pet at home can cut the risk of animal allergy in your child.
The Sun said it was not just dogs and cats that could improve your health. There are a number of animals that help scientists develop new treatments for diseases including diabetes, dementia and Parkinson's.

Dr. Samantha Wright, a psychologist who studies the relationship between humans and their pets, said there was no end of potential benefits.

"The idea that a nice pets and health related back a few decades ago. There are many species that could help develop new treatments separately all the disorders and diseases. That deserves a pat on the head," said Dr. Wright.

Here is the top animal healer presented by Lynsey Haywood from The Sun.

Dog can smell cancer at an early stage. In the Japanese study, a Labrador were given breath and stool samples to sniff, the dog was able to recognize where that comes from a colon cancer patient. The scientists believe the tumor that incorporate scent that only dogs can smell it. Dr. Hideto Sonoda said the current research is needed to develop "electronic dog's nose."

"The chemical compound of smell is not clear. Only the dog knows the answer for sure," says Dr. Sonoda.

Animals that became iconic Playboy magazine that could help prevent cervical cancer. The essence of this disease vaccine was developed after two British scientists discovered the virus that triggers the disease in rabbits during the 1960's. The vaccine was available in 2006 after 70 years after research on that animal. The government is currently offering vaccination to girls aged 12 to 13 years all over the country.

Cats reduce risk of stroke. Based on research at the University of Minnesota, United States, people who have cats have a tendency to a fatal heart attack 40 percent less.
Researcher Dr. Adnan Qureshi said that stroking a cat looks down the owner of stress and anxiety, reducing their chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

"This opens up whole new opportunities for treatment, and not as drugs and surgery, cat owners do not seem to have any risk," said Dr.. Qureshi.

Bears are believed to heal the heart. Black bears slow their heart rate 75 percent to allow them to live without water and food during hibernation. Scientists believe that if the mechanism can be replicated in humans, it could save the lives of victims of heart attacks and strokes by giving doctors more time to take medication.
"Reducing the metabolic rate and oxygen demand in human tissues can save people," said Dr. Olvind Tolen, from Alaska.

Marmot/Guinea Pig
Guinea pigs could reduce asthma. Based on the scientists, children who grow up with animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters have less possibility to have asthma or allergies. U.S. researchers studied a group of children in New York and find that grew in a less sterile environment  sometimes can improve their health.

"Exposure to certain bacteria could give children the opportunity to build one's immune," said researcher Matt Perzanowsky.

Reptiles that are believed to reduce blood pressure. People who are bitten by venomous snake fainted because their blood pressure plummeted. Scientists have developed a version of the synthesis of compounds contain in the Brazilian snake venom. Known as the ACE inhibitor, a compound that has helped millions of people lower their blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. Venomous snakes contain up to 100 different compounds, so that it can lead to other treatments.

The dolphins helped overcome diabetes. The scientists found that mammals are resistant to insulin, just like some people with diabetes. But the bottle nose dolphins are studied by the U.S. National Marine Mammal Foundation is able to transform this resistance turns on and off. They can do this while they ate, allowing them to cope with high protein, low carbohydrate diet of fish. The researchers now hope to create a "change of life and death" are equivalent to humans.

Fish could stop dementia. Based on research conducted in France, parents who eat fish or seafood once a week is likely to develop dementia smaller. Scientists say the fatty acids in fish oil help reduce inflammation in the brain and play a role in updating the nerve cells. Fish also can help reduce your blood pressure. Numerous studies have found that saw them swimming around the aquarium can make you feel calm and reduce anxiety.

Pigs can help overcome Parkinson's disease. One U.S. study found that pig cells are transplanted into the brains of Parkinson's disease can help patients recover mobility. The cells taken from fetal pigs, pigs that have not been born or are being developed. The goal is once they are implanted in the human brain, they thrive in human cells and produce dopamine, such as the brain.

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Warm Water Bath For Beauty

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Do you often spend time pampering yourself with a warm bath? If so, you definitely have a healthy and smooth skin.

It turned out that a warm bath not only as a relaxation for the body, but also has many benefits for beauty. Of which can remove dead skin and excess oil on the skin.

There is no standard regarding the ideal water temperature for a shower or bath with hot water. But you need to be vigilant if the water is too hot, because it can cause irritation and dryness of skin and also may not be more than 20 minutes.

Here are some benefits of a warm bath for beauty and health:

1. Opens Skin Pores

If you prefer using a cream or skin care, use after bathing or soaking in warm water. The absorption of the cream may occur more efficiently because of warmer temperatures make the skin pores open and nutrients from treatment creams can penetrate perfectly.

Not only that, when open the pores of the skin impurities will also be raised. Likewise with the dead skin is more easily removed. For that when a warm bath, add a little soap in the tub, then scrub gently with a soft body sponge, so that the dirt on your skin can be up to the maximum.

2. Eliminate Excess Skin Oil 
Warm water has a major benefit to lift excess oil on skin. Thus, not only refreshes the body, but also keeps the body on maximum clean.

3. Getting rid of chapped skin 

The skin is too dry can cause skin to become chapped. Hot bath can help get rid of chapped skin. The hot water serves to keep the skin moist all at once can soften dry skin.

Not only for beauty, hot bath also has benefits for health. What? This is it.

1. Reduce Stress 

A warm bath can relieve stress after a busy day of work. Adding essential oils in the bath can increase more relaxation.

2. Smooth Blood Circulation 

When a warm bath, blood circulation becomes more smoothly. Not only boost the immune system, smooth blood circulation will stabilize the body that are not easily catch cold.

3. Overcoming Insomnia

No need to take a sleeping pill to get a sense of sleepiness. If you have sleeping trouble , try a warm bath in order to feel more relaxed and good blood circulation can overcome the problem of sleeping difficulties.

Meditation Make You Faster Passionate

Meditation has long been believed to be one of the most powerful way to fight stress and improve mental health. It turns out, this one method of relaxation not only serves to quiet the mind but also improves sex life.

The study reveals, women who are able to control the thoughts and his emotions while making love more feel pleasure in bed. These studies were conducted at Brown University, Rhode Island, United States. The researchers monitored the behaviour of 44 students; 30 of them are women and half of them have undergone the practice of meditation during 12 weeks.

The participants demonstrated a slideshow featuring images of erotic and then they are asked to describe how their reaction when seeing it. The reaction is distinguished into three categories; ' quiet ', ' joy ' or ' horny '.

As a result, they found a woman who has been meditating faster sexually aroused. Research published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine was also found that women who practice meditation, showed an increase in concern yourself, anxiety is reduced and the focus is increasing.

"It's very interesting, women who take long to feel sexual stimulation, as well as great in its own right. Instead of trying to feel the stimulus that, a lot of things on his mind was racing instead. So korelasinya really close, "said study author Gina Silverstein, was quoted as saying the Daily Mail from MyHealthNewsDaily.

Results of the research was supported by Ivor Murray from Mediations UK, corporate provider of relaxation tool in the United Kingdom. Meditation gives many advantages to physically and mentally. So, no wonder if meditation can also help improve the quality of a sex partner.

"Meditate three to four times a week, for 10-15 minutes could bring up positive thoughts and emotions, which eventually led to more delicious and satisfying sex life ," said Ivor.
Get used to concentrate on one thing to make someone a focus with what he did; for example, love-making. "When You accept yourself, You'll know what it takes to be able to enjoy the sexual activity with a partner," said Becky Jeffers referring to female sexual health fitnes and menopause from the Berman Center in Chicago, as reported by Womenshealthmag.

How To be Comfort When He Perform Oral Sex?

Women actually like  when their partners give oral sex. But not all women feel comfortable when it is done. How to make uncomfortable feeling gone?

Sex expert known as the author of 'She Comes First' Ian Kerner said, she felt discomfort because they felt their partner did not like performing oral sex. Though based on his interviews with many men, Ian writes in his book that men actually feel the opposite.

Not many men who complain when giving his sex partner oral sex. It is precisely the woman who often lack confidence. Many women worry about various things while sexual activity was performed. Concerns are starting to feel he does not like it, spend too long time until the smell of Miss V.

In his book, Ian also provides advice to the men how to make a spouse comfortable when given oral sex. "Do it with confidence so they can make a woman's instinctive lulled the area, the area where she could escape and surrender to the warmth she felt," wrote the man who is often asked about the sex of its income in various television shows in America.

How to make women feel comfortable while giving oral sex ? These three steps must be men do :

1. Enjoy the same activities as women enjoy when giving oral sex.
2. Do not rush. Make she feel she had a long time to enjoy what you do.
3. Keep in mind if her Miss V has an exciting aroma.

In addition to the three tips above, there are also other suggestions given by Ian, Sex Expert who also wrote the book 'He Comes Next: The Thinking Woman's Guide to Pleasuring a Man' was assumed for this is pretty much the man who imitate porn star style while giving oral sex on his partner. Whereas it can be his partner don’t like it.

For the women, Ian also suggest, rather than worrying about whether he likes it or not, give him the correct direction when he to do it. Tell your partner if you enjoy it or not. Do not be afraid to tell your partner if he should be more slowly, gently, or keep doing what he was doing.

For women who have “shy” partners, Ian also has suggestions how to keep a man is willing to perform oral sex. Try to tell him if you're just have a sexy dreaming. When he asked what dream about, be sure the story that you tell have a part when he performing oral sex.

If  he still can not understand your “code”, point your partner to do so. For example, when he gives you the foreplay,  directing his head to your sensitive areas. With that direction, he will she understands what you want.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dangers of having sex during menstruation

Many couples desperate to have sex when the woman is menstruating. Though having sex in the woman's menstrual periods can be dangerous. What to look out for?

The Oncology Specialists say, there are three things to watch out for when to have sex when a woman is menstruating, namely:

1. endometriosis
While doing sex, women will have an orgasm and then the uterus will contract causing dirty blood of menstruation can enter into the abdomen through the fallopian tubes. This can cause the onset of endometriosis in a woman's body.

2. infection
Sex will usually cause injuries and endometriumnya decay, menstrual blood or semen is not sterile can enter the body and cause infection.

3. Can cause traumatic injury in the cervix caused by an infection

Be aware of three issues, the couple should wait until the woman's menstruation is finished. After a woman has been 'clean', then the couple can have sex as usual.

When menstruation occurs the release layer in the wall of the womb (uterus) to then be replaced with a new layer. The process is accompanied by a discharge of blood 35 ml & 35 ml of serous fluid. This suggests there is an open blood vessels

When making love when a woman is menstruating, the movement of the penis when the process of penetration into the vagina can trigger the entry of air bubbles into the blood vessel open. It is feared to cause embolism, namely air bubbles carried by the flow of blood and when the clogging of blood vessels around the heart would be fatal consequences.

If  want to make love when  menstruation, should be done without penetration. Use the lips or hands to stimulate your erogenous area

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

At last - George Clooney's secret revealed

Again and again asks the little man: How to get actors like George Clooney, so great to be crazy? Now there is a solution.

Rich and famous you are loved and revered. But what's their secret? Why are they different from the others? "The solution to all the time was right before our eyes," Bruno Schlünzke, a senior researcher at the university said in the Bavarian town of Bad cliché.

When evaluating a number of magazine and newspaper interviews, the researchers found a mysterious line. "On each one, but really any young actress had read that during the interview in the touches of coffee, almost always thoughtful, sometimes pensive," said Schlünzke, "which could be a coincidence."

Touching presentation

More and more stars who have been confronted with this observation, have now admitted that the agitation of caffeinated beverages was responsible for their success. "Stir thoughtfully in the coffee - this is however a typical career beginners error that is made in interviews like," said Anthony Hopkins, "I for my part prefer to move to on such occasions with absent-minded look at Cappuccino."

Hopkins is regarded as a natural talent as a child at family celebrations with the mime imitation of the famous athlete stirring movements have caused a stir. For other actors, however it was not quite so simple.

Robert De Niro: perfectionist

Robert De Niro confessed that he had to prepare for his role in "Taxi Driver" lived for months in espresso cups. A formative experience: The main proponent of the "Stirring Method" is the belief that he could play whenever you need a filter coffee and milk foam.

But there are also stars who look critically at the cult of the coffee stirring. Meryl Streep, while denouncing the common practice of the occupation spoon at castings, Madonna puts an emphasis on the finding that it exclusively for religious reasons, cocoa, preferably Kaba-La, stir.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie announced to make all come into their possession Coffee charitable purposes in South America. Like many other Hollywood stars, she was impressed by the outing of George Clooney deep embarrassment for some time of advertising for coffee. "I wanted to recruit more understanding of an artist," Clooney said it now on the edge of the film festival in Venice, while he moved to applause of the assembled press with a tired, but also a little wistful expression in a cup of coffee machines.