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Warm Water Bath For Beauty

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Do you often spend time pampering yourself with a warm bath? If so, you definitely have a healthy and smooth skin.

It turned out that a warm bath not only as a relaxation for the body, but also has many benefits for beauty. Of which can remove dead skin and excess oil on the skin.

There is no standard regarding the ideal water temperature for a shower or bath with hot water. But you need to be vigilant if the water is too hot, because it can cause irritation and dryness of skin and also may not be more than 20 minutes.

Here are some benefits of a warm bath for beauty and health:

1. Opens Skin Pores

If you prefer using a cream or skin care, use after bathing or soaking in warm water. The absorption of the cream may occur more efficiently because of warmer temperatures make the skin pores open and nutrients from treatment creams can penetrate perfectly.

Not only that, when open the pores of the skin impurities will also be raised. Likewise with the dead skin is more easily removed. For that when a warm bath, add a little soap in the tub, then scrub gently with a soft body sponge, so that the dirt on your skin can be up to the maximum.

2. Eliminate Excess Skin Oil 
Warm water has a major benefit to lift excess oil on skin. Thus, not only refreshes the body, but also keeps the body on maximum clean.

3. Getting rid of chapped skin 

The skin is too dry can cause skin to become chapped. Hot bath can help get rid of chapped skin. The hot water serves to keep the skin moist all at once can soften dry skin.

Not only for beauty, hot bath also has benefits for health. What? This is it.

1. Reduce Stress 

A warm bath can relieve stress after a busy day of work. Adding essential oils in the bath can increase more relaxation.

2. Smooth Blood Circulation 

When a warm bath, blood circulation becomes more smoothly. Not only boost the immune system, smooth blood circulation will stabilize the body that are not easily catch cold.

3. Overcoming Insomnia

No need to take a sleeping pill to get a sense of sleepiness. If you have sleeping trouble , try a warm bath in order to feel more relaxed and good blood circulation can overcome the problem of sleeping difficulties.

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