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Correlation Between Pets and Diseases

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Experts say maintaining a pet at home can cut the risk of animal allergy in your child.
The Sun said it was not just dogs and cats that could improve your health. There are a number of animals that help scientists develop new treatments for diseases including diabetes, dementia and Parkinson's.

Dr. Samantha Wright, a psychologist who studies the relationship between humans and their pets, said there was no end of potential benefits.

"The idea that a nice pets and health related back a few decades ago. There are many species that could help develop new treatments separately all the disorders and diseases. That deserves a pat on the head," said Dr. Wright.

Here is the top animal healer presented by Lynsey Haywood from The Sun.

Dog can smell cancer at an early stage. In the Japanese study, a Labrador were given breath and stool samples to sniff, the dog was able to recognize where that comes from a colon cancer patient. The scientists believe the tumor that incorporate scent that only dogs can smell it. Dr. Hideto Sonoda said the current research is needed to develop "electronic dog's nose."

"The chemical compound of smell is not clear. Only the dog knows the answer for sure," says Dr. Sonoda.

Animals that became iconic Playboy magazine that could help prevent cervical cancer. The essence of this disease vaccine was developed after two British scientists discovered the virus that triggers the disease in rabbits during the 1960's. The vaccine was available in 2006 after 70 years after research on that animal. The government is currently offering vaccination to girls aged 12 to 13 years all over the country.

Cats reduce risk of stroke. Based on research at the University of Minnesota, United States, people who have cats have a tendency to a fatal heart attack 40 percent less.
Researcher Dr. Adnan Qureshi said that stroking a cat looks down the owner of stress and anxiety, reducing their chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

"This opens up whole new opportunities for treatment, and not as drugs and surgery, cat owners do not seem to have any risk," said Dr.. Qureshi.

Bears are believed to heal the heart. Black bears slow their heart rate 75 percent to allow them to live without water and food during hibernation. Scientists believe that if the mechanism can be replicated in humans, it could save the lives of victims of heart attacks and strokes by giving doctors more time to take medication.
"Reducing the metabolic rate and oxygen demand in human tissues can save people," said Dr. Olvind Tolen, from Alaska.

Marmot/Guinea Pig
Guinea pigs could reduce asthma. Based on the scientists, children who grow up with animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits or hamsters have less possibility to have asthma or allergies. U.S. researchers studied a group of children in New York and find that grew in a less sterile environment  sometimes can improve their health.

"Exposure to certain bacteria could give children the opportunity to build one's immune," said researcher Matt Perzanowsky.

Reptiles that are believed to reduce blood pressure. People who are bitten by venomous snake fainted because their blood pressure plummeted. Scientists have developed a version of the synthesis of compounds contain in the Brazilian snake venom. Known as the ACE inhibitor, a compound that has helped millions of people lower their blood pressure, which can reduce the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney disease. Venomous snakes contain up to 100 different compounds, so that it can lead to other treatments.

The dolphins helped overcome diabetes. The scientists found that mammals are resistant to insulin, just like some people with diabetes. But the bottle nose dolphins are studied by the U.S. National Marine Mammal Foundation is able to transform this resistance turns on and off. They can do this while they ate, allowing them to cope with high protein, low carbohydrate diet of fish. The researchers now hope to create a "change of life and death" are equivalent to humans.

Fish could stop dementia. Based on research conducted in France, parents who eat fish or seafood once a week is likely to develop dementia smaller. Scientists say the fatty acids in fish oil help reduce inflammation in the brain and play a role in updating the nerve cells. Fish also can help reduce your blood pressure. Numerous studies have found that saw them swimming around the aquarium can make you feel calm and reduce anxiety.

Pigs can help overcome Parkinson's disease. One U.S. study found that pig cells are transplanted into the brains of Parkinson's disease can help patients recover mobility. The cells taken from fetal pigs, pigs that have not been born or are being developed. The goal is once they are implanted in the human brain, they thrive in human cells and produce dopamine, such as the brain.

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