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Behind Low Sexual Arousal

"Research found that one of two U.S. women fake orgasm during intercourse"
  A study reveals that it's hard to believe, that one of two women fake orgasm when having sex with a partner. U.S. researchers found that 53.9 percent of 400 women fake climax in sexual intercourse in order to always look attractive and prevent cheating spouse. 

What causes many women to feel dissatisfied with their sex life? Lack of libido is a common problem that reduces sex passion. Some 30 percent of women claim to feel absolutely no sex passion. 

Experts said, lack of libido due to various factors, including deteriorating relationship with spouse, or a medical condition and hormonal changes such as menopause.

"Sex passion is a complex issue, a mixture of brain, heart and hormones," said John Studd, professor gynecologist told the Daily Mail.

Kevin Gangar, a gynecologist at the Princess Margaret Hospital Windsor said, draining emotions also cause a decline in sexual arousal. "If you are tired or fight all the time with a partner will have an impact on your sexual desire."

In addition, he said, there are several reasons for avoiding one's physical sex in men as erectile dysfunction or endometriosis and vaginal dryness in women. According to Gangar, sexual desire in themselves can be measured. If a erotic book or movie give no effect on you, chances of there are things wrong in your sexual passion.

However, low libido in women is a controversial issue. Some experts believe this condition requires medical treatment instead of using a product to fix libido problems.

For first-line treatment specialists suggest the use of testosterone gel and the responsibility to increase energy. And, loss of sexual desire due to the loss of a lot of fatigue.

"The gel can be applied anywhere on the body, apart from the breast. Although some do not prescribe, some doctors give it to enhance." Professor Studd said.

To help vaginal dryness due to menopause and hormone levels decrease, effective lubricant that can help during intercourse. In addition, herbs that are known to have efficacy increases blood flow to vital areas or balance hormones worth a try. These herbal plants including maca, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

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