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Buying Souvenir when Traveling

Traveling and souvenirs often can not be separated. Souvenir is the memories when we are traveling. When we want to go traveling, sometimes friends or relatives asking us to buy a souvenir to take home. It can be a problem when our budget traveling is limited. Not to mention a problem of luggage when bring much souvenirs.

Here are tips for buying souvenirs when traveling:

Create your own budget for souvenirs, the budget for souvenirs for yourself and for someone else. Separate on different envelope. This is to avoid over budget due to too much to buy souvenirs that end up burdening yourself.

When we want to buy something for ourselves, use the money already that set earlier. Sometimes, woman traveler is often a rush to buy souvenirs that are considered cheap, especially items related to appearance (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories).

Make a Small Note
Make a small note who would you bring souvenir. Do not forget take photos the small note with your mobile phone. If your small were lost, no need to headache searching again. Having sought souvenirs bought, mark your little note.

This small note avoid you to buy double souvenirs as well as a reminder of how much budget should you spend.

Before leaving, first thing find out about typical of the area you visit. Both tourist destination, food, hotel etc. Do not forget to find out where to buy souvenir. Information is most easily can be asked to hotel staff where you stay or the local community.

Ask where to shop for complete souvenirs shop/market nearest where you stay. Even if there are cheaper places but far from the location where you stay, better you don’t go there. You will spend  a lot of money for transportation and lost a lot of time to choose a souvenir.

Partner and Friend
Partner and friend was a lot and can be confusing to when we chosing souvenir for them. Try to buy local foods that can be eaten together. This trick also you can use when you want to buy for relatives. Do not forget to check how long food expired? Is it possible can be brought into the cabin? Does the smell stinging or contain lots of water? Do not let the food disturbing another passenger..

Do not ever hesitate to bid. Although the place you buy souvenirs already determine its price, try to keep bargaining. If you buy it with friends, automatically the number of items purchased will be more quantity. Well, do not hesitate to ask for price reductions. If indeed you understand local culture, especially about the local language, act  as local residents. Is common place when the price is much more expensive for tourists than for local tourists or locals

Do not be too enthusiastic when showing face front the seller. It can make your bidding fail. Try to bid a half price first.

Local language
Take advantage of the local language. If there are friends or relatives who can speak local, can you ask to accompany shop. Low prices would be more easily obtained if offered with the same language.

Suitcases and bags will not fit because a lot of souvenirs? When shopping for souvenirs, ask the seller whether the souvenirs that you buy can be sent to your home. Or at least sent to the airport. Today many souvenir sellers have a facility to sending or transfer to the airport according your flight hours. Alternatively, you can use expedition services.

Do not forget to bring reuseable bags. Reducing used number of plastic bags, the item purchased is not scattered

Bring water and snacks. Activity buy souvenirs this may take a long time. Preparing drinking water and snacks in your bag will let no dehydration and hunger.

1. Using a credit cards. Adjust the budget is reasonable with cash. Using a credit cards will only make traveling budget to be larger

2. Shopping in busy times. If it is not enough time to shop / buy souvenirs better not to impose. Shopping in a hurry will be able to make us choose the wrong item or get a expensive price

3. Buying useless. No problem spending a lot because it is cheap and in accordance with a predetermined budget. But do not buy useless thing.

4. Buying food (for take home) with strong odors and perishable.

5. Buying goods that were easily found around us.

6. Buy souvenirs at the airport or in hotels. The exact price is much higher. Unless the price is not longer under consideration, but time.

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