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Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

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Every woman will feel anxious when after shampooing to see the floor or combs used filled with strands of hair loss. Of course there will be anxiety to see this fact

Causes of hair loss
There are many things that can cause hair loss; ranging from stress, smoking, unbalanced nutrition, hormonal factors, various kinds of diseases to hereditary factors. Therefore, medical treatment is carried out too much, depending on the cause. Furthermore, the experts add, many natural remedies that are useful for hair health, including: eating for health, a nutritionally balanced

Eat for Health Hair All the food is good for the body as a whole is also good for hair. Among other foods high in protein, low carbohydrate and low fat. But there are also other substances which are specifically required for healthy hair, namely omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, biotin, and minerals such as iron, zinc, and copper. Shortage of one of these substances often escapes our attention, but actually play an important occurrence of hair loss.

Women menstruate every month, therefore women are very susceptible to iron deficiency anemia. Studies have iron deficiency is a frequent cause of hair loss in women. Source of iron in the daily diet of vegetables such as green, red meat and liver.

Vitamin B12 comes from eggs, and meat. Therefore supplementation of vitamin B 12 is required for those who do not eat foods mentioned above.

Food supplements are also recommended to be consumed is biotin. Biotin is often used by doctors to treat hair loss, because this substance is the main component of hair growth, skin and nails. We could get a natural biotin from liver or egg yolk, but to provide for required amounts. Therefore, in order to practically we can consume in the form of dietary supplements.

Herbal Remedy for Hair Loss 
Currently the market is common herbs are believed to be beneficial to treat hair loss. Herbs are very diverse, there are derived from plants native to your country and some from overseas. How to use also varies, some are smeared on the scalp, to wash it, and there are drunk. Examples of herbs that are considered useful are: ginseng, ginger, cider vinegar, saw palmetto plant, Horsetail, green tea, etc.. Although labeled as natural materials, we need to remain cautious in its use, especially potions to drink. The reason is, there are also herbs that have side effects for the body especially when taken by women who also use oral contraceptives. Therefore, look what the actual information content of these herbal ingredients, and if necessary, consult your doctor.

Herbs are safe to use is green tea. Several studies in Japan showed that drinking green tea can increase certain substances called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) which inhibits the activity of hormonal triggers hair loss. Also green tea is also beneficial as an antioxidant and has anti-cancer effects.

Hair Loss and Hair Cosmetic Products
So far, we already know that the use of hair cosmetics such as shampoos, hair dyes, and hair dryers can cause hair damage. It is indeed true, but the damage is not the same with hair loss due to genetic problems or other medical problems.

Damage caused by hair cosmetics generally in the form of the hair shaft which becomes cracked, while the loss due to medical problems actually caused damage to the hair roots or follicles. The results showed that the use of cosmetic hair does not increase the risk of hair loss. This means that women with complaints of hair loss should not be afraid to organize even dye her hair. The important thing is balanced with the intake of nutritious food for healthy hair.

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