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Sexual Problems in Diabetics

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People with diabetes often have sexual problems. Estimated about 40% of men and 30% of women with chronic diabetes have sexual complaints. Older people who have had diabetes for many years particularly susceptible to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction / impotence (in male patients) and reduction in vaginal lubrication (in women).


Decreased libido seems to be associated with weakness and fatigue due to hyperglycemia. Nerve disease and blood vessel damage associated with diabetes can cause erectile dysfunction. When the nerves or blood vessels are damaged, blood flow to the penis is reduced and the erection can not happen. Difficulty maintaining an erection occurs gradually as the damage occurs, sometimes accompanied by retrograde ejaculation (inside sperm spraying). Damage to nerves and blood vessels in the cells in the vaginal wall causing decreased lubrication, causing pain during sex. The pain is in turn reduces  woman's arousal in response to sexual stimulation, which makes lubrication less and less, like a vicious circle.

When you have sexual problems associated with diabetes, talk with your doctor. You do not have to accept it with resignation issue. Impotence treatments can be given physicians include better monitoring of blood glucose (this is also the management of diabetes are recommended for each person), an oral drug, mechanical aids, and others. In female patients, doctors may recommend to use of vaginal lubricants to overcome problem of decreasing lubrication.

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