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Prevent Hair Loss

Prevent hair loss is very important because hair is your crown. No one feels happy when they hair fell out. Some hair loss is natural, because the process of aging-related genes that make the most of the hair disappear in a "programmed". Some others do not experience hair loss, due to improper hair care. Ten tips to prevent hair loss that is not natural:

    Combing and brushing hair.
Combing and brushing your hair every day not just tidying and cleaning your hair, but also improve blood supply to activate scalp cells. Use a comb with wide-spaced teeth and a fluffy brush.

        Use the right shampoo
Choose a shampoo for dry hair, normal, oily, dandruff, etc., according to your hair condition. Wash your hair at least twice a week. Always wash with shampoo after swimming in the ocean or pool to get rid of salt and chlorine that can damage hair follicles. Make sure you always rinse hair thoroughly after wash.

    Use a conditioner
Use conditioner after shampooing to reduce the effort needed to comb my hair and make it more manageable. Use conditioner is necessary especially if your hair is dry.

    Dry your wet hair and do not be too hard rub hair with a towel.
When hair is wet, its structure is more fragile and should be avoided combing or brushing too hard.

    Vary the style of hair.
If you wear a hairstyle that requires a pull on the hair should be interspersed with looser hairstyles to avoid the constant pull that causes tension follicles so that hair loss.

    Keep the adequacy of the protein.
Since hair consists of protein (ceratin), it is important for you to follow a diet sufficient protein to maintain hair production. Protein found in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, cereals, soy and nuts.

    Do not be obsessed with hair problems.
Do not touch or pull hair constantly.

    Balance and stabilize your emotional state
Stress can trigger hair loss.

    Do not wear a wig
The use of wigs should be avoided because it makes your scalp can not breathe properly and strangle your follicles limp. Hijab, helmet, or hat does not damage your hair like a wig, provided careful when wearing and release it.

    Avoid sunburn to the scalp and body.
We all know why the sun can have serious consequences for overall health. Sunburn on scalp can also cause hair follicles are not able to maintain due to burns.

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