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Beyonce way to get a hot waist

A month after giving birth to her first daughter, Blue Ivy, Beyonce appearance lead of admiration. Sexy body with hot waist that became his trademark has been returned, but still look fuller than before pregnancy. How Beyonce way to get a hot waist so fast?

Beyonce’s body weight  is increased 18 pounds during pregnancy. However, in just a few weeks, Beyonce able to scrape her fat left behind. Then beyonce’s hot waist comeback.

According to her personal trainer, Marco Borges, after  Blue Ivy birth, Beyonce work so hard to get her sexy body and her hot waist. She always wake up at 5:00 in the morning to do a cardio session. Then, the wife of Jay Z is continuing with treadmill exercise with high-intensity workout includes lunges and squats.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, there is a practice that could form hot waist of singer 'The Best You Never Had' lean back quickly. Corkscrew motion can tighten loose abdominal muscles while restoring the form of postpartum waist.

waist-hotHere's how:
- Lying down, with your feet up. Bend your knees slightly. Put your hands at your sides with palms down.

- Then, use the lower abdominal muscles to lift your hips off the floor. Raising hips, swivel hips to the right.

- Hold for three seconds, then return to starting position.

- Repeat the movement by turning to the left. Perform the same movement as much as ten times for each side.

That’s all how beyonce way to get a hot waist

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