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7 facts about women's breasts

women%27s+breastsMany people do not know some facts about women's breasts. Even women themselves often do not know these facts. The fact of women's breasts are very attractive :

1. Left of women’s breasts more bigger than the right
Woman's breast size is never symmetrical, and the left breast is usually bigger than the right one. The nipples also have different sizes too. So, as long as there is no complaining of pain, itching or strange protrusions, do not to worry if you have unsymmetrical breasts.

2. Every women’s breast has thin hair on nipples
It is very normal if there is a thin hairs growing around your nipple. More darker of the color skin and hair, the breast hair will be more apparent also in the nipple area. Breasts can also be covered with black blackheads and acne.

3. The average women’s breast weight is 0.5 kg
Generally, a women's breasts weighs about 0.5 kilograms. Each of the breast  equivalent to approximately about 4-5 percent of body fat, and 1 percent of the total body weight on general women. A woman's breasts can be enlarged according to woman age. And remember, women smokers will have more sagging breasts than non-smokers.

4. Over 2 million women in the world wearing breasts implants
Ranging from Pamela Anderson to Katie Price, there are more than 2 million women using implants breast. But not allof women who use breast implants satisfied the outcome result. The average age of women who want to install a breast implant is 34 years old.

5. Women’s breast can distention when stimulated
Breasts can be enlarged and firmer when a woman gets aroused or stimulated in their breast areas. The same thing happened on women’s breast nipple.

6. Breasts should be maintained so as not to shake Often
Activities such as jogging, running and aerobics can cause turbulence in the breast, and usually causes pain. When do sport, always use a sports bra to minimize the shocks so you can move more freely. Remember, the primary function of a bra is to maintain women’s breasts health, so choose a bra that fit and good quality

7. Shape of women’s breast can be change
It may sound strange, but it could experience changes in breast shape. In addition to the age, sometimes the lack of proper sleeping position could affect the beauty of the breasts. Always note the bed position for firmness and shape of perfect breasts. Avoid sleeping on stomach, the best sleeping position for women’s breasts is sideways to the left / right, with a pillow under the body and to support breasts.

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