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Symptoms and causes of hot flushes

The causes of hot flushes are probably decreasing levels of estrogen or other naturally occurring hormonal changes that only happen on woman. The symptom’s of hot flushes and other symptoms of menopause more severe in women whose ovaries were surgically removed, supporting the belief that the loss of the hormones produced in the ovaries causes of hot flushes. There are certain triggers that can increase the severity and frequency, although not the underlying causes of hot flushes.

Hot flushes are as a vaso-motor? Symptom, because dilation of blood vessels and changes involved in the circulation. For many years, estrogen replacement therapy was the most frequently recommended treatment for hot flushes, but also because of the health risks associated with this form of treatment, it is not used nearly as often.

The symptoms of hot flushes as a rule, excess heat in the chest, neck and face. The hands and feet may feel cool at the same time, when the heat has subsided a woman often feels chilled all over. Increased sweating under the arms, chest, neck and forehead occur.

When a heat wave comes in the night, usually referred to as night sweats, this may be an interruption in a woman sleeping, leading to insomnia, reduce energy levels and general well-being. A recent study shows that the majority of peri-menopausal (a term on the time around? Menopause) women feel is not that the symptoms of hot flushes on quality of life as much as emotional changes and mood swings, but mood swings cause sometimes hot flushes . If a person is angry or frustrated, raises the body temperature and increased body temperature is one of the symptoms of hot flushes.

Sometimes referred to as hot flushes, these sudden changes in body temperature does not threaten a woman's health. No medical treatment is required, unless they occur frequently, are severe or interfere with a woman's life. The causes of  hot flushes are natural changes in a woman's body, as they occur in old age, so they have nothing to fear, but it is easier.

Most women can get relief from the symptoms of hot flushes using an herbal supplement called black cohosh. This herb has been used historically by Native American healers to correct symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance, to regulate menstrual cycle, as a diuretic and a mild sedative. Research has shown that women get as much relief from hot flushes when using black cohosh, as they do from estrogen replacement. It is highly recommended for women who can not risk estrogen replacement therapy is recommended because of previous cancer or other concerns. For the Women's Health Initiative found that the health benefits of hormone replacement therapy do not outweigh the risks that suggest most doctors are no longer the treatment, whether because numerous symptoms are present and operate strong impact a woman's ability, their relationships or their quality of life. Black cohosh is recommended on the other hand, more and more.

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