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5 Women Ways to Get Multiple Orgasms

Women multiple orgasm can have during sex. While the men often after getting orgasms, could no longer continue the intimate activities quickly. At least they take a few minutes to be able to re-heat.

Surely it would be disappointing when she has not had an multiple orgasm, when he was already exhausted. Actually there are several ways you can do easyly to get women multiple orgasms, as presented by sex expert Ian Kerner, who wrote the book "She Comes First: The Thinking Man's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman ':

1. Ladies First
To make a women multiple orgasm, according to Ian, he needs to go back to the old ways. In sex, a men try to beat and give his partner orgasm first, before himself reach ejaculation.

Why women should to reach first orgasm? Ian explained, the fact, mens the type that could easily reach orgasm. Research conducted by Dr.. Alfred C. Kinsey also prove it. 75% of men can ejaculate in just two minutes. While women take at least 21 minutes or longer to orgasm.

2. Thinking 'Outside the Box'
During this time, men wants an easy and fast way when having sex with his partner. That is why they only touch on the area that it is only in her partner's body. According to Ian, he usually only touches the outside of Miss area. V alone when giving her foreplay. Whereas g-spot is located exactly at the Miss 2-5 cm from the hole. V. When that point is touched, she will feel the sensation of its own.

Men need to realize, the clitoris is very sensitive area with a touch. So try to stimulate the area gently and slowly. But at the beginning of foreplay, do not rush to the area. Start by touching the breast area of at least about 10 minutes. Women multiple orgasm must start with patient

3. Recognize the clitoris
To reach women multiple orgasm, men also need to understand more about the woman's sensitive areas. Do not just think of the clitoris as an area that needs to be touched for a moment. But suppose a woman's body part such as an area for producing women multiple orgasms.

The number of nerve endings in the clitoris caused it to be very sensitive to touch or pressure, directly or indirectly. At least there are more than 8,000 nerve there. One nerve is touched, it will spread to others.

4. Let the Finger & Tongue Work And Never Stop Talking
Ian's advice is based on the exposed vent his female patients. From the experience of Ian female patients, the best orgasm they get when it gets a manual stimulation of partner, the man looked into his eyes and talking naughty.

5. The last suggestion is, stimulation on sensitive area with the tongue. Oral sex is the most powerful way to make a women multiple orgasm

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