Monday, October 3, 2011

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With the intention of writing give a sense of mind, I, as the owner of the blog states:
  1. This blog is a personal blog that contains a collection of articles general health, sexual health, life syle, beauty tips and others that there is no connection directly or indirectly by certain companies.
  2. This blog does not intend to show something pornographic connotation in the writings and pictures. Nor is it intended to spread hatred against persons or groups of people, race, religion and the things that are provocative that threatens the brotherhood of mankind.
  3. I only write based from what I gather from various sources, both through the internet or mass media.
  4. For those readers who do not agree with what is written in my blog, I welcome to pour opposition, objected, feeling offended, curses, insults and anger with properly by writing here. But I really hope the maturity of thought, speech and action to address disagreements with good discussion and communication;
  5. This blog is allowed to comment either in the form of praise, insults and curses, but I am not responsible for all the comments with all that stuff is written by readers. So please each visitors are responsible for each of the comments given. And if there are comments that offend others, then I, if able and willing, help to show who gave the comment;
  6. If my blog there are quotations or references from other sources, it is solely to facilitate the presentation of writing and I am not responsible for the content of these quotations and remain the responsibility of the source that I quoted it;
  7. I am not responsible for the link / hyperlink or something for this site or another site, because it usually linkage that was not necessary permission from the owner of the blog, so the linkage is the responsibility of the perpetrators;
  8. I allow the visitors to see and read carefully, casually or lazily and granted permission to comment on the content of blogs with various styles and languages that visitors like;
  9. I allow the visitors to quote, deploy and use a small part, most or all of the content of blogs as a whole to use the things that are social, charitable and not bring material benefits provided good references include owner's name, blog name and does not need home address;
  10. The ads on this blog are solely as a "fee" for all my toil, and when the appearance of the ads that disrupt the reader then I apologize;
  11. I really allowed to visitors for quotes, deploy and use a small part, most or all of the content of blogs as a whole for commercial purposes, traded and sold if it were sold, with the requirements of written approval from me by first signing of the distribution of profits / commissions.
  12. If there is any similarity or the content of this blog article and there are parties who feel aggrieved then I invite contact me here;
  13. The author of this blog did not reject donations from any form without bond.
  14. This blog also accepts advertising for those who feel that the blog is suitable for advertising the company concerned;
  15. Hopefully in the future, the existence of this blog with all its contents are not to be the case and the demands of both civil and criminal law so that life becomes comfortable, safe and prosperous.
Thank you, for your willingness to read this boring disclaimer

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