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Detecting Diabetes

Detecting Diabetes
Detecting diabetes is important because diabetes is a disease steadily increasing in  worldwide, type 2 diabetes can occur with some frequency after age 40 and affects preferably people who are overweight or subjected to constant stress .

Diabetes is often associated with fatigue that characterizes the disease to which you can also join intense thirst and release of large amounts of urine.

Detecting diabetes it is important to identify the disease there is discussion within the blood for the measurement of blood glucose (blood sugar level).

If the values ​​are not clear, to verify or exclude the presence of the disease, you must perform the "curve to load."

To find diabetes are made from four to six blood samples 30 minutes apart from each other after drinking sugar dissolved in water. This procedure evaluates the body's ability to dispose of the sugar introduced.

Diabetes must be controlled through diet targeted to eliminate sugar and sugary foods (including fruit, grapes, bananas and figs), as well as gentle exercise, like swimming for instance.

In more serious cases may need the use of specific preparations such as hypoglycemic agents and insulin.

Detecting diabetes as soon as possible is important.

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