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Sleep Position which Evokes Sex Passion

intimate when sleep
Our body language, including during sleep, was able to convey something. At bedtime, we reveal ourselves to the most innocent and most honest. The way you sleep could even provoke and excite your partner, therefore sending sexual signals that you are never realise.

Rather than guess, better find out the meaning behind the language of your body during sleep. Who knows, you could invite him to make love without a word!

1. Line of sight. Position facing each other, including when you go to sleep, allowing you and your partner look at each other. With this position, you can also touch each part or the whole body respectively. All parts of your body-from the soles of the feet, calves, knees, abdomen, chest-supposing to have access to explore your partner's body. This position also greatly enjoyed by men, because they can easily stare at you, and make sure everything is as expected.

2. Lying on his chest. Hm ... this sleeping position is comfortable and can enhance intimacy. put your head on the chest or shoulder and making it as a pillow. This position is very intimate, as it allows him  to loop his hands to your body with protective attitude. The origin of the idea, man is also very fond of this position because you looked pretty comfortable to find refuge in his arms.

3. Lying on your chest. The opposite of the position of sleeping over, this time you are lying on your back while he settles his head on your chest. While your hand and his hand him hold each other. It’s very intimate. Man also very fond of this sleep position, as it settles down in your body will feel much more comfortable than lying on the pillow.

4. Hug from behind. You and your partner sleep sideways in the same direction, you from behind curled follow his sleeping position. For men, this position is fun for the whole of your body touch each other. Your breast touch his back, your feet touching his feet, and your hands can circle to the his stomach or chest.

5. Hugging from behind. The opposite of the previous position, this time he slept hugging your body from behind. This position is very exciting because he have many opportunities to stimulate themselves, can even skip to the next session, spooning  or sideways during lovemaking! In addition, this position is also very satisfying for his ego, because when he put his arm around your body, he mastered and protect yourself.

6. Lying on his stomach. This position begins with you sleep side by side with him, then you lay your head on his stomach, so as to form the letter T. With this position, he can caress your head, slipped her fingers into the wilderness of your hair, also touching your shoulder. Could be, he also hopes the position of your head further down near his crotch area.

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