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Right Eyeglasses for Hot Image

right eyeglasses for hot image
Wearing right eyeglasses for hot image. It can make you look smart, sexy and stylish. Consider the following tips.

Choosing right eyeglasses for hot image is not the case difficult. Simply adjust several aspects, ranging from the type of event, the shape of the face until the makeup of adjustment.

1. Choose sunglasses with a model suitable for any occasion, whether formal or informal events. Therefore our advice choose lightweight eyeglasses, chic and trendy than the heavy-rimmed eyeglasses that makes you look serious and older.

2. Customize the form of eyeglasses with face shape. For a square face, choose a round eyeglasses. Round face, fit with rectangle eyeglasses. For those of you who shaped oval face do not have to worry in choosing a model, because almost all form suitable for use. Remember : right eyeglasses for hot image.

3. With right eyeglasses for hot image can combine with natural makeup, because eyeglasses frames already enliven the face. If the make-up eyes too much contrast, the appearance will look vulgar. For that, use a thin eyeliner on the eye line, then wear lip gloss and blush on. Simple makeup to make the face look more fresh even though eyeglasses wear throughout the day.

4. Eyebrows are also very important for people using eyeglasses. Trim with a slightly curved shape to show your beautifull face. Now then choose right eyeglasses for more hot image.

5. If the color of your skin is dark, you should choose a frame with a lighter color to brighten the skin effect. Just fit with your skin and because right eyeglasses for hot image.

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