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Safest tourist destinations in the world

Do you know where are safest tourist destinations in the world? Terrorism, political riot, social disparities, as well as crime are matters that can be a barrier for a trip to a city or country. However, there is still a safe cities in the world that have a low risk.

Here, some of the safest cities in the world can be a tourist destination:


Luxembourg is the purpose of the safest destinations in the world. The country only has a population of 500 thousand people, and has a city ordinance that complied with all of its citizens well, giving rise to the comfort and security for the visitor.


With the suicide rate is only 0.38 of 100 thousand of population, Singapore is also one of the safest countries in the world, and number one in Asia. The country is also a meeting place for ethnically and racially diverse as China, India, Malay, Arabic and Western.

In Singapore, the crime will be severely punished, just like drug dealers who got the death penalty.


Police in all Iceland there are only 700 people, and none of them carry arms. if no event or incident, the police will work in other fields. This proves how safe the city. Even the jail was nearly empty. The murder rate in Iceland is very low, namely in the number 0. So, Dubling in one of safest tourist destinations in the world


The country is one of the most prosperous countries. The statistics mentioned criminal offence such as pickpocketing and robbery are very low here. The country is also minimal risk of disturbance of wild animals, or natural disasters.


Dublin, the capital of Ireland is one of the safest cities in the world. This city has a murder rate is only 0.32 of 100 thousand of population and is the lowest number in all Europe.


The murder rate in Norway was 0.71 out of 100 thousand. This country, according to many surveys of tourism is the safest tourist destinations. Economic situation in this country is quite stable, and has a small possibility for the occurrence of natural disasters.

However, Norway is one of Scandinavia's most expensive tourist destinations but Norway is once of safest tourist destinations in the world

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