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How to choose wedding decoration

How do we choose wedding decoration? Sometimes we confuse in determining the right wedding decoration for our wedding event. Is it too much? Is it too comfortable? Is it this way? Is it so?

There are several ways to choose wedding decoration. Here are the tips :

1. Choose wedding decoration theme. Selecting there of your wedding decoration is very importan to help us to determine of overall event that we want; budget, materials needed, and other factors. If you are confused in to select the themes, may have recourse to Wedding Organizer.

2. Adjust the budget,  good  wedding decoration is not necessarily expensive. Just remember : expensive is not necessarily good, good is not necessarily expensive

3. Adjust location conditions. Whether your event is held in the room (indoor) or outside the room (outdoor). It is defirent between indoor and out door wedding decoration

4. Customize with your outfit. Do not use  dark colored background wedding decoration when your clothing bright colors. Contrast and does not fit .. Ask your decorator to match with dress that will you wear. Also, do not ask for a theme that does not fit with fashion, let's say you chose middle east wedding decoration theme, while the background of wedding decoration is oriental nuances. Or vice versa.

5. Define the intent of your wedding decoration. The wedding decoration may reflect status, custom, marriage situation and various other factors. Be careful in determining decoration.

6. Choose wedding decorator with a good reputation. Remember! Though not necessarily well known, his reputation. So don't be attracted to the lure of famous names. Search decorator with the good reference. How do you know? Ask your friend and relation. See the decorator jobs when thye was handling a wedding decoration. If you are fit then try to consult with them.

7. Never lure with cheap wedding decoration prices! Remember! This even  is a once in a lifetime! Do not regret it! A good decorator not necessarily expensive! Think of the cost of decorating with operational costs that may be issued by decorator. If the price is too cheap, it should be suspected.

8. Always updates your knowledge about wedding decoration. Use the internet, ask colleagues or friend, magazine or by coming directly to the wedding party, so will have more knowledge and idea.

9. Ask/make  MOU or written agreement with your decorator, it is important, so that neither side harmed later.

10. Select decorator with good management. It did not seem relevant to the topic. But do not let the company go bankrupt when your wedding is narrow time  You can scrambling to find  another decorator for your wedding decoration.

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